Hall 1

IndusCoat 2016

Capturing latest technologies in raw materials for Industrial Coatings

Thursday, 21st January 2016, 1300-1710 hrs

1300-1325 hrs Acrylic Resin Modifications for for Industrial Coatings Applications – Chou Mun Han, Nuplex
1350-1415 hrs Polyurethane based Wood Coatings – Ayub Mulla, Covestro
1415-1440 hrs Protective Industrial Coating made Easy-to-Use - Robert Miller, Troy Corporation
1440-1505 hrs New Developments in Raw Materials for Water-Based Industrial Coatings - Vijay Raman, BASF
 1505-1530 hrs Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes for Industrial Coatings Applications - Speaker from Ocsial
1530-1555 hrs Strategies for VOC Reduction in Alkyds without affecting performance - Frank Cogordan, Arkema
1555-1620 hrs Coatings for 3-D Printed Objects and Systems – Abhishek Sharma, Eternal Chemicals
1620-1645 hrs UV Curable Acrylates for Industrial Applications - Tina Yang, Sartomer
1645-1710 hrs Silicon-modified Polyesters for High Temperature Coatings - Susanta Pramanik, Crest Composites

ArchConCoat 2016

Capturing latest technologies in raw materials for Architectural Coatings and Construction

Friday, 22nd January 2016, 1130-1645 hrs

1130-1155 hrs Construction Dispersion Products for Architectural Coatings - Martin Schierhorn, Wacker
1155-1220 hrs Low-VOC Coalescents/Plasticizers for Architectural Coatings - William Arendt, Emerald Kalama Chemical, LLC
1220-1245 hrs Silicones for efficient masonry protection - Christian Putz, Wacker
1245-1310 hrs Enhancing Decorative Coatings with Wetting Additives by Robert Miller, Troy Corporation
 1310-1335 hrs Hydrophobic Dispersing Agents for Architectural Coatings – Denis Ruhlman, Coatex
1335-1400 hrs New –Age Water-based Associative Rheology Modifiers - Ulrich Nauber, Dow Coating Materials
1400-1425 hrs Latest Advancement in Microbial Control on Coated Surface - Wolfgang Linder, Troy Corporation
1425-1505 hrs Antimicrobial Protection for Wet Materials & Processes - Romesh Gupta, Troy Corporation
1505-1530 hrs High-performan ce Emulsifiers and Specialty Monomers for architectural coatings - Frank Xu, Solvay
1530-1555 hrs New-Generation PUDs for Exterior Wall Coatings – Prashant Gangwar, Covestro
1555-1620 hrs Polymer modified adhesive for AAC blocks - Priti Pillay, Wacker
1620-1645 hrs New Development in Calcined Kaolin Technology for Architectural Paint - Kelvin Tam, BASF

CoilCoat 2016

Open House on technical and market trend in Coil Coatings

Saturday, 23rd January 2016, 1100-1330 hrs

11:00-11:10 Welcome Remarks by Session Convenor – Rajesh Mehrotra, Berger Becker Coatings
11:10-11:30 Colours for Coil Coatings – Mark Ryan, Shepherd Color
11:30-11:45 Analysing Outdoor Performance of Coated Steels – Smrithi Kumar, Q-Lab
11:50-12:05 Technology Updates in Coil Coatings – Chetan Prakash, Berger Becker Coatings
 12:05-12:25 Anti-Corrosion Graphene Protective Coatings – Siva Bohm, Tata Steel/IIT Mumbai
12:25-13:10 Panel Discussion:
Coil Coatings – Helping the Steel Industry become more competitive in India
Session Moderator: Rajesh Mehrotra, Berger Becker Coatings
Panel Members: 4-5 Senior Representatives from leading companies like Tata Steel, JSW, Bhushan Steel, ISPAT, Esaar, CRIL, etc.
13:10-13:15 Concluding Remarks – Dilip Raghavan, Editor-Publisher, Paintindia

Hall 2C

BuildCoat 2016

A panel discussion for the future of coatings for the vital Indian construction market

Saturday, 23rd January 2016, 1100-1330 hrs

11:00-11:10 Welcome Remarks – Naresh Sharma, Session Moderator
11:10-12:00 Panel Discussion - MegaTrends in Architectural Coatings
Sustainability in Architectural Coatings – Ram Mehrotra, Kansai Nerolac Paints
Rural Marketing for Architecural Coatings – Sudhir Nair, Berger Paints
Global Scenario and Trends in Architectural Coatings – Percy Jijina, Jotun Paints
Manpower and Skills – VS Ram, Paint Sector Skill Council
Water-Proofing – Speaker from Construction Chemicals Manufacturers Assocation (CCMA)
User Expecations – Speaker from Tata Housing / Omkar Developers / Rustomjee
The Creative Element – Jimmy Mistry, Lead Architect
12:00-12:30 Colour Trends 2016: Learn language of Colour– Cynthia Maria Cornell, Colour Communication Inc.
12:30-12:50 Automation in Architectural Coatings – Denzil D’Costa, Graco
 12:50-13:00 : Concluding Remarks – Dilip Raghavan, Editor-Publisher, Paintindia

Hall 2A

PowderCoat 2016

The Future of Powder Coatings

Thursday, 21st January 2016, 1430-1630 hrs

14:30-14:55 Powders: Latest Technology Trends – Vivek Sarawadekar, Kansai Nerolac Paints
14:55-15:15 User Expectations from Powder Coatings – Meghan Manjrekar, Industry Consultant
15:15-15:40 Powders for Unconventional Substrates – Henk-Jan Stuiver, DSM
15:40-16:05 Low-Temperature Cure Strategies for Powders – Enric Grau, Arkema Coating Resins
16:05-16:30 World-Class Production of Powders – Ganesh Karanam, Steer Engineering

AutoCoat 2016

Latest Trends in Automotive Coatings

Friday, 22nd January 2016, 1430-1630 hrs

14:30-14:45 Automotive Pre-Treatment Systems – Abhay Kulkarni, Chemetall
14:45-15:05 Latest Trends in Coatings for Automotive Bodies – Laxman Nikam, Kansai Nerolac Paints
15:05-15:20 Specialty Finishes for Automotive Components - Kalyan Dhakane, EFFCO Finishes
15:20-15:40 Understanding Outdoor Weathering Performance – Smrithi Kumar, Q-Lab
15:40-15:55 Automotive Plastic Coatings – Sanjay Patil, Dhake Industries

Panel Discussion – Cost Quality Paradigm in Automotive Coatings
Moderator: Meghan Manjrekar, Industry Consultant
Participants: Himmat Patil (Mahindra), Sanjay Kulkarni (Bajaj Auto), Sudhir Rane (KNP), Hemant Makwana (Taikisha Engineering)*

ProtectCoat 2016 – powered by NACE

Latest trends in protective and high-performance coatings

Saturday, 23rd January 2016, 1030-1400 hrs

10:30-11:00 Registration and Morning Tea
11:00-11:15 NACE and its battle against Corrosion - Dr. Samir Degan
11:15-11:30 General State of Indian Coatings Industry – KL Batra, Chugoku Marine Paints
11:30-11:50 New Developments in High Performance Coatings – Rajes Bardia, PPG Asian Paints
11:50-12:10 Coatings for Oil and Gas Sector - Xavier Pereira, Kansai Nerolac Paints
12:10-12:30 Rapid-Curing Epoxy Systems for protection of underground assets - Amol Bakre, 3M
12:30-12:50 Zinc-Rich Coatings for High-Performance Applications – Prasad Talvelkar, Hempel
12:50-13:10 Challenges in Preventive Maintenance Coatings – Speaker from Berger Paints
13:10-13:30 Factors Affecting Selection for High Performance Coatings - Mahesh Aradhye, Growel
Programmes subject to minor unforeseen changes
12th March, 2020: 10am – 6:00pm
13th March, 2020: 10am – 6:00pm
14th March, 2020: 10am – 5:00pm


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